Electrical installations and illumination

We implement general electricity projects in medium and low voltage, special electrical systems for home automation, telecommunications and ambient lighting with LED systems.

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Review and rehabilitation of installations

One of the fundamental phases of the energy rehabilitation process is the analysis of the current situation of the building and its installations from the point of view of its energy efficiency.

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Telecommunications and domotics

We are firmly committed to the most technological lines in telecommunications and home automation. We can install any type of video door entry system to manage calls made at the door of a building (residential complexes, single-family homes, work centres, etc.).

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Automation for doors

Automatic doors are an excellent option for your home if you have a garage both inside and outside as they allow you to open and close them without touching them or using a key.

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Energy-saving electric heating

The right choice of heating system is synonymous with energy saving and efficiency. In order to know which is the most suitable solution to our needs, it is necessary to evaluate the costs and performance of the wide range of products on the market, both in generation systems (thermal or electrical) and in distribution systems.

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Audio/video installation

A multi-room audio/video system offers just what its name suggests: the ability to play music in multiple rooms. But multi-room has much more to offer.

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